Professor Chris BUTLER

1977-1980  BA, Rhodes University
1981-1986  MBChB, Medical School, University of Cape Town
1989   Diploma in Child Health, College of Medicine of South Africa
1993   MRCGP, Royal College of General Practitioners
Aug 98-Jul 99  CCH (Clinical Epidemiology) University of Toronto
1999  Doctor of Medicine, University of Wales College of Medicine. 
2004   FRCGP, Royal College of General Practitioners

Head and Professor of Primary Care Medicine, Cardiff University
Adjunct Professor, School of Public Health and Primary Care

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Chris Butler is Head of Department of Primary Care and Public Health at Cardiff University. He has two main research interests, common infections and the appropriate use of antibiotics, and health behaviour change. He trained in Medicine at the University of Cape Town and was awarded a doctorate from the University of Wales for a randomized controlled trial and qualitative research into health behaviour change and clinician-patient communication. He trained in Clinical Epidemiology at The University of Toronto and has held an appointment at McMaster University in Canada. He has authored over 80 peer reviewed papers and helped win more than 40 research grants, totalling over £61 million including grants from the MRC, Wellcome Foundation, EU, and Department of Health. He is Chief Investigator on the MRC funded STAR and PRE-EMPT studies, and is leading a Workpackage and the development of the clinical platform in 12 countries for the EU FP6 funded GRACE Network of Excellence. This latter study has just finished recruitment to the largest ever qualitative study and the largest ever prospective quantitative study of lower respiratory tract infection in the community.

He serves on the Editorial Board of the British Journal of General Practice, is the Associate Director for Primary Care of CRC CYMRU, a Non Executive Director of the Gwent NHS Healthcare Trust, a member of the Advisory Board of the Caerphilly and Rhondda Cynon Taff Teaching Local Health Board, a member of the Department of Health National Expert Panel for New and Emerging Diseases, and practices as a GP in Mountain Ash in the South Wales Valleys. In 2006 he won the John Fry Medal, awarded by Royal College of General Practitioners “to a younger member of the College who has promoted the discipline of general practice through research and publishing as a practicing GP.”

Research interests 
Infections in primary care and the appropriate use of antibiotics,
Health behaviour change

Select Publications
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