Dr. Lancelot Wai-ho MUI (梅維浩博士)
BSc Natural Science MPH (Emory University)  PhD (CUHK)                                                                                                           


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Dr. Mui joined the School as an Instructor in June 2012. He is the Academic Coordinator for the Master of Science in Health Education and the Bachelor of Science in Community Health Practice programmes. He received his doctorate in Public Health from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He completed his Master of Public Health degree with a concentration in Epidemiology at Emory University. He also has a background in laboratory science with training in Genetics from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Teaching Modules
  • BSc in Community Health Practice -- CHPR3001 Contemporary Health Issues
  • BSc in Community Health Practice -- CHPR3003 Community Needs Assessment
Taught Postgraduate
  • Master of Public Health   -- HSOC5001 Health Improvement Social and Behavorial Sciences (Full Time)
  • MSc in Health Education -- HSOC5103 Lecture Series in Non-Communicable Diseases as Public Health Concerns
  • MSc in Health Education -- HSOC5105 Putting Policy into Practice for Health Promotion
  • MSc in Health Education -- HSOC5210 Social Marketing Methods
  • MSc in Health Education -- HSOC6910 Protocol Development for Health Promotion and Health Education
  • MSc in Health Education -- HSOC6911 Project / Practicum on Health Promotion and Health Education

Research interests 
  •  Physical activity, social marketing, community-based health promotion, health promotion policy


Publications of 2011
  1. Lau JTF, Yeung NCY, MUI LWH, Tsui HY, Gu J. A simple new method to triangulate self-reported risk behavior data–the bean method. Sex Transm Dis. 2011 Sep;38(9):788–792.

Publications of Prior to 2008

  1. Lau JTF, MUI LWH, Tsui HY, Wong E, Ho SPY. Prevalence of Induced Abortion and Associated Factors among Chinese Female Sex Workers in Hong Kong. J Sex Marital Ther. 2007;33(1):19–29.

  2. Lau JTF, Yang X, Wang Q, Cheng Y, Tsui HY, MUI LWH, et al. Gender power and marital relationship as predictors of sexual dysfunction and sexual satisfaction among young married couples in rural China: a population-based study. Urology. 2006 Mar;67(3):579–585.