Professor Eliza Lai Yi WONG (黃麗儀教授)
BSN (Canada), MPH (CUHK), PhD (CUHK), RN (Canada), RN (HK), FHKCHSE, FCHSE, Accredited Mediator (HKMAAL, HKIAC)                                                                                


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Prof Eliza LY Wong obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from The University of British Columbia in Canada and then completed Master of Public Health at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She further pursed her PhD at CUHK with focus on the implication of Chinese medicine in public health. Prof. Eliza Wong started her first career as researcher in Department of Anesthesia & Intensive Care Unit and Institute of Chinese Medicine of CUHK. She joined The School of Public Health & Primary Care and The Nethersole School of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, CUHK as Assistant Professor. Afterward, she joined The Division of Health System, Policy & Management at the JC School of Public Health & Primary Care, CUHK and was promoted as Associate Professor in 2012.  

Her research areas include the patient experience including experience of using healthcare and its quality of care, patient reported outcome measure (PROMs)-EQ5D and acceptability of HPV self-sampling; service delivery from health system approach; and Alternative Medicine. Prof Wong has rich experiences on surveying and expertise in the area of patient experience on quality of care. In 2009, she has been taken up the responsibility in developing a first locally validated tool for measuring population-based patient experience in collaboration with the University of Oxford. And she led her research team to conduct the first benchmark patient experience survey in all public hospitals in Hong Kong in 2010 and 2013 respectively. She is further invited by the Hospital Authority to continue patient experience projects in patient engagement and different service areas to elicit, assess and analyze patients’ views to inform continuous quality improvement.  She was visiting scholar for School of Public Health, University of Oxford in 2012 to exchange and translate knowledge on patient experiences, satisfaction and PROMs.  In addition, she is accredited by the HKIAC & HKMAAL as an accredited mediator, and is running applied mediation skill workshops for healthcare workers of Hospital Authority to enhance their communication with patients.  Besides, she has obtained a research grant from Food & Health Bureau to develop and validate the Hong Kong version of EQ5D and establish a valuation set for Hong Kong population.  She is a core research member of the World Bank Research Hub and Faculty of Health Science of The University of Sydney in 2015.  She also serves in the editorial boards of several international scientific journals including Assistant Editor for Hong Kong Journal of Nursing; and as key members of various non-governmental organizations including Project Supervisor for Hong Kong College of Health Service Executive, Sub-committee Member of The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong.

Teaching Modules
Undergraduate teaching in Public Health and Family Medicine
  • Public Health: Foundation of Public Health, Health System & Policy, Healthcare Quality, Research & Practice Based Project I & II
  • Medicine: Family Project, Global Physician Leadership Stream Project 
Postgraduate Teaching
  • Master of Public Health: Capstone Project Supervisor
  • MSc of Health Service Management: Quality and Safety Management, Health Information,Guided Case Study Supervisor
  • PgD of Health Service Management: Case Study Series on Health Service Management
  • Mphil-PhD Programme: Supervisor
  • Certificate Course in Mediation (Healthcare)
  • Mediation Skill in Healthcare Training Workshop 

  • International Facility Mobility Schemes, International Partnerships Development Programme 2015-16 
  • Global Scholarship Programme for Research Excellence – CNOOC Grants for 2011-12
  • Teachers of the Years’ Award for Public Health Year 3, Faculty of Medicine 2011-12
  • First Place of the Social & Behavioural Science 2013-Employee Engagement & Occupational Safety, Undergraduate Exhibition at The Pennsylvania State University 
  • Best Abstract Award of 5th TWGHs Eddie Wang Symposium on Complementary Chinese & Western Medicine-integrated Approach, Tung Wah Group  

Research interests 
  • Patient experience: experience of using healthcare and its quality of care, PROMs, acceptability of HPV self-sampling
  • Service delivery from health system approach
  • Alternative Medicine

Selected recent publications 

Patient experience: experience of using healthcare and quality of care, PROM, acceptability of HPV self-sampling 

Wong ELY, Coulter A, Hewitson P, Cheung AWL, Yam CHK, Lui SF, Tam WWS, Yeoh EK.  Patient Experience and Satisfaction with Inpatient Service: Development of Short Form Survey Instrument Measuring the Core Aspect of Inpatient Experience.  PLOS ONE 2015, 10(4): e0122299.

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Service delivery from health system approach

ELY Wong, EK Yeoh, PYK Chau, CHK Yam AWL Cheung, H Fung.  How shall we examine and learn about public-private partnerships (PPPs) in the health sector?  Realist evaluation of PPPs in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.  Social Sciences & Medicine 2015.  

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* Corresponding author

Alternative Medicine

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  *Corresponding author