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​Prof. Carmen WONG 黃嘉雯教授


Prof. Carmen WONG 


  • Assistant Dean (Education), Faculty of Medicine

  • Associate Director, Office of Medical Education, CUHK

  • Director, CUHK Centre of Research and Promotion in Women’s Health

  • Fellow and mentor, Morningside College and Chair of college life committee

  • Advisor, CLEAR u-connect & ELTU medical humanities

  • Member of student elective committee and disciplinary committee (Faculty of Medicine)

  • Member of Faculty Wellness Team

  • Senate committee member on Language enhancement (CUHK)


Dr. Carmen Wong graduated from the Cardiff University School of Medicine (UK) with a bachelor degree in psychology and a medical degree. Dr. Wong is a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners (UK) with experience as a physician and in clinical management in the NHS (UK).  She holds a portfolio of medical experiences including offender health, port health and consultancy.

Educational research interests include use of online learning and learner wellbeing and development.  She has obtained numerous teaching grants.  Her works include the development of electronic medical tools such as the CUHK medical audio glossary for health professionals, blending online and experiential learning in clinical communication skills, social responsibility and interdisciplinary curriculum design and implementation.


Dr. Wong continues to practice as an honorary resident of the Hospital Authority in Family Medicine and is the director of the CUHK Centre of Research and Promotion of Women’s Health (CRPWH). Her academic research interests include menopause, mental health and primary care consultations.  


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Conference Presentations

  1. Wong, C., Chow K.M., & Wong, SY. An interdisciplinary primary care approach to multimorbidity: a pilot study of medical and nursing students’ home visits in developing patient care plans. Short communication AMEE, August 2018, Switzerland

  2. Wong, C., Wong S.Y. & Chow K.M. An Interprofessional Educational Approach to Patient Centred Care in the Community: Gains and Challenges. Oral Presentation The Chinese University of Hong Kong Medical Education Conference (CUMEC); March 2018, Hong Kong 

  3. Wong, C., Au-Doung, P. L. W., Nelson, EAS., & Wong, SY. Analysis of standardised patient ratings and examiner pass-fail marks of history taking at end of year professional exam stations in 4 specialties. 15th Asia Pacific Medical Education Conference (APMEC); January 2018; Singapore. [Merit Award]

  4. Wong, C., Kumta, S., Kam, W., Wong, S., Au-Doung, LW., & Wong, SY. Blended learning for culturally competent communication skills: first year evaluations. AMEE; August 2017; Finland.

  5. Wong, C., Wong, S.Y., Kumta, S., Nelson, EAS., & Au-Doung, LW. Development of a Chinese communication skills rating tool for standardized patients (SP) in OSCE examination and workshops: a mixed method study. AMEE August 2016; Spain.

  6. Wong, C., Kumta, S., Kam, W. Y., Chan, S., & Au-Doung, P. L. W. Integrated culturally competent communication skills using multimedia teaching, role play and feedback. 11th International Medical Education Conference (IMEC) April 2016; Malaysia.  [Best Poster]

Book Chapters:

  1. Carmen Wong*, Wai Ching Ng, Hua Zhong and Anne Scully-Hill ‘Interpersonal violence’ in ‘Oxford Textbook of Public Mental health’ edited by Dinesh Bhugra, Kamaldeep Bhui, Samuel Yeung Shan Wong, and Stephen E. Gilman Oxford University Press. ISBN-13: 978-0198792994

  2. Carmen Wong, Josette Chor ‘Providing services for Women’s health’ in ‘Routledge Handbook of Global Public Health in Asia’.  Published by Routledge Handbooks.  Published April 2014. ISBN 13: 9780415643825

  3. Suzanne Ho, Carmen Wong ‘Women and Health’ in ‘Women and Girls in Hong Kong: Current Situations and Future Challenges’.  Published by Hong Kong Institute of Asia Pacific Studies HKIAPS 2012 Press ISBN-13: 9789624415957 

  4. 香港女性: 現況與挑戰.  Published by Commercial Press ISBN-13: 9789620765032

Last Updated: 22 July 2020

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