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​Prof. Daisy Dexing ZHANG 張德杏教授


Prof. Daisy Dexing ZHANG

BMed, MMed (Central South University, China); PhD (CUHK)


Prof. Zhang obtained her Bachelor of Medicine (Preventive Medicine) and Master of Medicine (Social Medicine and Health Service Management) from School of Public Health, Xiangya Medical College, Central South University, China. She obtained her PhD in Public Health in 2013 at The Chinese University of Hong Kong and worked as a postdoctoral fellow in the school afterward. During her PhD study, she received an award to go to the University of Bristol, UK for a three-month research visit. In the last five years, as a co-investigator, Prof. Zhang received 9 research grants (a total of more than HK$5 million) from GRF, HMRF, RFCID, HCPS, NSFC, CUHK Direct Grant and Knowledge Transfer Project Fund, and Department of Health. The projects cover a wide range of populations from children to older adults with different methodologies including cross-sectional and cohort study, RCT, systematic review and qualitative study, within the field of primary health care and mental health. Prof. Zhang also involves in several charity-funded projects on mindfulness-based interventions, a multidisciplinary programme for primary care patients with multimorbidity, and exercise for patients with diabetes or hypertension. She is a peer reviewer of several international journals such as BMJ and Journal of Affective Disorders.


  • The majority work of Prof. Zhang aims to promote people’s mental and physical well-being in both community and primary care settings. 

  • Her research interests are:

    • Primary Health Care

    • Mental Health


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Last Updated: 27 July 2020

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