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Division of Behavioral Health and Health Promotion

The division's vision is to strengthen population health through development of behavioral health in the region.  Its interdisciplinary strategic research areas include HIV and Sexual health, addiction (internet addiction, substance use, smoking and alcohol use), behavioral prevention of non-communicable diseases (adolescent health-related behavior, physical activity, diet, and cancer prevention), vaccination, and bio-ethics research.  It spans from evidence building to implementation sciences.  We provide state-of-the-art training on behavioral health, health promotion, and social marketing.  We provide local and international consultancies to the government, World Health Organization and Chinese Academy of Sciences, and collaborate with vulnerable communities, local and international non-governmental organizations, and top universities overseas and in the Mainland China. We are supported by the Centre for Health Education and Health Health Promotion and the Centre for Health Behaviors Research.

Division Head : 

Prof. Joseph Tak-fai LAU


Teachers : 

Prof. Albert LEE

Prof. Phoenix Kit-han MO

Prof. Xue-fen SU

Prof. Johnson Zi-xin WANG

Prof. Sherry Xue YANG

Prof. Nelson Chun-yiu YEUNG

Dr. Tony Ka-chun YUNG

Dr. Lancelot Wai-ho MUI


Adjunct Staff:

Prof. Xiang-sheng CHEN

Prof. Xiao-yi FANG

Prof. Xiao-ming LI

Prof. Lorraine SHERR

Prof.  Jian-xin ZHANG

Prof. Winnie Wing-sze MAK

Prof. Jing GU

Core Research Staff :   

Mr. Mason Man-chun LAU

Ms. Mary Tsun Kwan IP

Ms. Yee-ling MA

Ms. Yuan FANG

Mr. Samuel Wai CHAN

Ms. Suki Xiaoqi HUANG

Ms. Christy Hoi Yi LEE