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Division of Family Medicine and Primary Health Care

Visit Division Website: http://www.dfmphc.sphpc.cuhk.edu.hk/

The research activities of the Division continues to focus on evaluation of primary care services using Primary Care Assessment Tools, mental health interventions and delivery models including mindfulness based interventions and stepped care programme in community, pharmaco-epidemiology of chronic disease, as well as prescribing patterns and outcomes on respiratory disease, and individual's health.  Also, our research areas have been expanded in primary care service interventions and evaluations in developing countries, and role of primary care in global health.

Division Head : 

Prof. Samuel Yeung-shan WONG


Teachers : 

Prof. Albert LEE

Prof. Martin Chi-sang WONG

Prof. Eric Kam-pui LEE

Prof. Regina Wing-shan SIT

Prof. May Pui-shan YEUNG

Prof. Greta Chun-huen TAM

Prof. Benjamin Hon-kei YIP

Prof. Carmen WONG


Core Research Staff :   

Dr. Daisy Dexing ZHANG

Dr. Xinyin WU

Mr. Dicken Cheong-chun CHAN

Ms. GAO, Ting 

Mr. LUK, Hoy Fu Lawrence 

Miss Sophia Shu-wing CHAN

Miss Miaoyin LIANG


Administrative & Technical Staff :   

Miss Maggie Yik-ling LEUNG

Mr. LEE, Ying-man LEE

Miss Lucia Wing-yin TAM

Ms. Maggie Fung-yee WONG

Mr. Tony Pui-hang LEUNG

Miss Christy Wai-yan KAM