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Division of Health System, Policy and Management

The Division is committed to high quality research, consultancy and teaching in health systems, policy, health services delivery and evaluation, and quality of care using a systems approach. The Division’s research focus is in the application of systems thinking in studying the 4 components of health systems (i) Leadership and Governance, (ii) Creating Resources, (iii) Financing, and (iv) Delivering Services, and how these components interrelate and interact to improve health. Research themes include (i) health services from a system perspective, (ii) the primary care system, (iii) patient satisfaction and engagement, (iv) comparative heath system research, (v) policy studies and regulation of health systems and, and (vi) inequality in health and healthcare.  The Division collaborates with academic and research institutions and networks in the mainland and overseas, and closely works with the faculty, other university departments/ institutions and the Government.

Division Head : 

Prof. Eng-kiong YEOH


Teachers : 


Prof. Chi-tim HUNG

Prof. Ting-hung LEUNG

Prof. Eliza Lai-yi WONG

Prof. William Shiu-wei HO

Prof. Hong FUNG

Prof. Roger Yat-nork CHUNG

Prof. Dong DONG

Prof. Kin-on KWOK

Dr. Pui-hong CHUNG

Dr. Siu-fai LUI

Core Research Staff :   

Miss. Nancy CHAU

Ms. Patsy Yuen-kwan CHAU

Ms. Annie Wai-ling CHEUNG

Mr. Alan TONG

Dr. Carrie ho-kwan YAM