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Academic Staff
​Prof. Eman Yee-man LEUNG 梁以文教授

Prof. Eman Yee-man LEUNG 


BSc & BA (Tor.). PhD (Tor.), CPBI, LCCSS, IHI/IA, PMP

Assistant Professor


Prof LEUNG Eman, PhD., PMP, Lean Sigma Black Belt, IHI Improvement Advisor, Certified Professional in Business Intelligence

Trained as a psychometrician, a Certified Professional in Business Intelligence and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Professor Leung was a hospital administrator and later a data scientist in Canada and the US before relocating to Hong Kong in 2015 to begin an academic career. Dr. Leung was an Assistant Professor at the Management Sciences Department of the College of Business at the City University of Hong Kong from 2015 to 2018, and is currently an Assistant Professor at the CUHK's School of Public Health and Primary Care.

Professor Leung’s research program in artificial intelligence-driven optimization of acute, postacute care and community care assignments was first developed with the support of a theme-based research initiative of which he was a co-investigator. In addition to research productivity, the theme-based research initiative also gave Professor Leung an opportunity to build rewarding partnerships with many medical and social service providers in HK, from whom he continues to learn and with whom he continues to work on solving the managerial and operational problems they are facing.

Currently, he is the lead of a Hospital Authority's Data Collaboration Lab project and a principal investigator of a Strategic Public Policy Research Scheme-funded project, focusing on developing AI algorithms to optimize the match between patient risk profiles and the portfolios of health and social services across the care continuum.

Last Updated: 17 Sept 2020

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