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[Full Recording] Webinar Series on Implementation Science with Prof Per Nilsen

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

CUHK JC School of Public Health and Primary Care presents our 20th Anniversary Series “Webinar Series on Implementation Science” with Professor Per Nilsen from Linköping University, Sweden.

Implementation science deals with questions concerning how to carry intentions into effect. The intentions may be formulated in policies, clinical guidelines or other recommendations; they can be manifested in specific interventions; and they can relate to the use of research in decisions by individuals and organizations.

For details of speaker and moderator:

Using Implementation Science to Link Research and Practice for Healthcare Professionals

The birth of implementation science is usually linked to the emergence of the evidence-based movement in the 1990s, which popularized the notion that research findings and empirically supported (“evidence-based”) interventions should be more widely implemented in healthcare and other settings for improved health and welfare of populations. The lecture by Professor Per Nilsen provides an overview of the field and summarizes knowledge about barriers to implementation and facilitators to overcome challenges to achieve a more evidence-based healthcare practice.

Introducing Implementation Science – Linking Research and Practice for Social Scientists

In this lecture, Professor Per Nilsen traces the history and development of the field and describes some of the key theoretical approaches used to understand and explain the challenges of translating research into practice for a more evidence-based practice in healthcare and other settings.

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