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International Research Funded by Wellcome Trust to Investigate Aftermaths of Humanitarian Crisis

Professor Emily Chan was granted the Discovery Award 2022 from the Wellcome Trust with her international team for their research ‘After the end: Lived experiences and aftermaths of Diseases, Disasters and Drugs in global health‘.

The programme is an 8-year project with the collaborative team of Prof. Emily Chan and outstanding researchers from UK, Brazil and Sienna Leone. With the multidisciplinary input of historians, sociologists, epidemiologists, psychologists, bioethicists, literary and legal scholars, philosophers and policymakers, the research aims to:

  1. to explore lived experiences of time and temporality of endings of crises, to capture counter-narratives and their implications for future practices, responses and policies, and

  2. to provide an account of the moral and ethical obligations and responsibilities of global health institutions in the aftermaths of crises to health.

The Discovery Award is a new scheme offering funding for established researchers and teams from any discipline who want to pursue bold and creative research ideas to deliver significant shifts in understanding that could improve human life, health and wellbeing.

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