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SPHPC researchers shared insights in vaccinology

【Innovation in Vaccinology】CUHK Innovation Day 2022 successfully concluded last week. Three of our researchers shared their research and insights in the field of vaccinology.

Prof. Maggie WANG, who created tools to predict vaccine effectiveness, presented her work including findings on virus evolution and vaccine antigen design to the participants. She was also among the 6 panellists with Prof. Chris MOK and Prof. Hein Min TUN during the panel discussion.

Prof. Chris Mok has established the viral immunology lab in CUHK and focuses on the interplay between pathogens and human immunity. As a public health veterinarian, Prof. Hein Tun shared his understanding of the mechanistic roles of gut microbiome in health and disease.

JCSPHPC will continue to combat COVID-19 through excellence in research and healthcare innovation.

For more details of the CUHK Innovation Day thematic session of vaccinology, please visit:

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