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Survey Shows Government Recommendation as the Strongest Driver for COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance

Updated: Jul 19

A survey by the Faculty of Medicine of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CU Medicine) shows a very low level of acceptance for COVID-19 vaccine among the public in Hong Kong. The projected acceptance rates exhibited a “J-shaped” pattern with age- higher acceptance among young adults (18-24 years), then a decrease in the following age group, and finally a linear increase with age. Government recommendation is the strongest driving force for acceptance, whereas perceived severity instead of perceived susceptibility is associated with acceptance of COVID-19 vaccine. The research team hopes this information could help the Government formulate and implement effective vaccination strategies. The findings have just been presented in Vaccine, an international science journal published by Elsevier.



香港中文大學(中大)醫學院一項調查發現,香港市民對新冠疫苗的接受程度低。受訪者的接種意願隨年齡呈「 J形」模式,即年輕人(18-24歲)的接受程度較高,緊接的年齡組別接受程度回落,再隨年齡慢慢增加。政府的建議為市民接種疫苗的最大驅使因素。此外,感染新冠肺炎可能引致嚴重後果亦是驅使接種疫苗的重要因素。研究小組希望這些調查結果能幫助政府制定和實施有效的疫苗接種策略。研究結果剛在科學期刊《Vaccine》發表。

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