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Professor Jason Man-Wai HO (何文偉教授)


Research Assistant Professor, JC School of Public Health and Primary Care



Dr Ho received his Bachelor degree in Mathematics and Doctor of Philosophy in Management Operation from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Prior to joining the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2018, he served as an Assistant Professor at the Hang Seng Management College. Before returning to Hong Kong, he spent more than a decade at the Department of Statistics and Applied Probability of the National University of Singapore as a faculty member.


Research Interest

  • Indoor air pollution

  • Cancer trend investigation

  • Survival data analysis

Selected Publications 

  1. Gregory Dawson, Man-Wai Ho, and Robert J. Kauffman (2015). How Are C-suite Executives Different? A Comparative Empirical Study of the Survival of the American Chief Information Officers. Decision Support Systems, 74, 88-101.

  2. Man-Wai Ho, Wanzhu Tu, Pulak Ghosh, and Ram Tiwari (2013). A Nested Dirichlet Process Analysis of Cluster Randomized Trial Data with Application in Geriatric Care Assessment. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 108(1), 48-68.

  3. Man-Wai Ho (2011). On Bayes Inference for a Bathtub Failure Rate via S-paths. The Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics, 63(4), 827-850.

  4. Man-Wai Ho (2011). Usage of a Pair of S-paths in Bayes Estimation of a Unimodal Density. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 55(4), 1581-1595. 

  5. Man-Wai Ho (2006). Bayes Estimation of a Symmetric Unimodal Density via S-paths. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, 15, Ho (2006). A Bayes Method for a Monotone Hazard Rate via S-paths. The Annals of Statistics, 34(2), 820-836.

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