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​Prof. Thomas Yuen-tung LAM 林遠東教授


Prof. Thomas Yuen-tung LAM

BMed (Fudan), PhD (CUHK), PgD Dip. Occ. Hyg.(CUHK), ICOH (member), FHKIOEH (fellow)


  • Associate Director, S.H. Ho Centre for Digestive Health, Institute of Digestive Disease, CUHK
  • Member, Management Committee, Institute of Digestive Disease, CUHK

  • Manager, CUHK Jockey Club Multi-Cancer Prevention Program, JC School of Public Health, CUHK


Dr Thomas Lam is a registered nurse specialised in endoscopy and cancer screening. He obtained his Bachelor of Nursing, followed by MSc in Gastroenterology and PhD in Medical Science at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His research interest lies at the utilization of Digital Health technologies to improve healthcare delivery. His research contributions have been to design strategies of using Short Message Service (SMS) and mobile messenger (WhatsApp) to improve adherence and quality of colorectal cancer screening. He has recently broadened his interest to big data science. His research track record is exemplified by his authoring of over 40 research articles, including some published in top journals in Gastroenterology / Hepatology and Primary Health Care. He has also received the Young Investigator Award in the Digestive Disease Week for his research excellence.


  • Digital health

  • Cancer screening

  • Endoscopy nursing

  • Big data science


  • Co-investigator, The risk of advanced neoplasia within subcentimetric polyps detected in colorectal cancer screening participants in Chinese populations: a multi-centre colonoscopy study, RGC Ref no. 14110919, Research Grants Council (RGC), General Research Fund (GRF), HKD$1,073,446


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Last Updated: 27 April 2021

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