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Grant Writing Workshops for GRF and ECS

SPHPC successfully hosted the Grant Writing Workshops for GRF and ESC on 7 September 2022. Five school members with a strong track record of successfully being awarded with either ECS or GRF shared their precious experience in nailing the exercises. This workshop is particularly beneficial for academic and research staff who are preparing for the upcoming GRF/ECS proposals.

We are grateful for the support from the speakers who shared their experience in the workshop, and we appreciate everyone’s participation.

You may access the useful materials presented during the workshop here. (access available to SPHPC staff only).

  1. Introduction – Prof. Samuel Wong

  2. Overview of GRF application process – Prof. Ho Kin Fai

  3. Proposal writing:

  • Qualitative research proposal – Prof. Dong Dong

  • Sharing thoughts about GRF applications – Prof. Lao Xiangqian

  • Clinical trial / genetic epidemiology research proposal – Prof. Benjamin Yip

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