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SPHPC Webinar Series: Managing Long Covid Patients in Primary Care

In this talk, Prof. Delaney will discuss the management of Long Covid patients in primary care. At a conservative estimate 20% of people suffering COVID-19 infection will have persisting or new symptoms beyond 12 weeks of initial infection, and 5-10% will still be significantly impaired at a year. This has been termed ‘Long Covid’ by patients, but is a complex of identifiable and as yet fully defined clinical problems, for which no definitive therapy is available, but for which much can be done to help. Managing these patients in primary care is a challenge, involving exclusion of other serious diagnoses, identification of ’treatable traits’ such as dysautonomia and appropriate rehabilitation and lifestyle management.


6 September 2022 (Tuesday)


6:00 pm – 7:00 pm (Hong Kong Time)


Zoom live webinar


Professor Brendan Delaney

Chair, Medical Informatics and Decision Making, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London


Professor Samuel Wong

School Director, JC School of Public Health and Primary Care, CUHK

About the speaker:

Professor Brendan Delaney is an internationally leading exponent of the ‘Learning Health System’ (LHS) concept. Although his initial training in research was in heath technology assessment, real-world (pragmatic) clinical trials and clinical research in Family Medicine, since 2003 he has worked in the area of Clinical Informatics, being appointed to a Chair in Medical Informatics at Imperial in 2015 and elected one of the first 100 founding fellows of the new UK Faculty of Clinical Informatics in 2017. He has had wide exposure to European and US clinical informatics through workshops and symposia.

Since moving to Imperial, Prof. Delaney works in the Institute of Global Health Innovation, with research in Artificial Intelligence, cancer diagnosis and learning systems, eSource for clinical trials and global eHealth. He is a member of the Medical Research Council Data Science Strategic Advisory Group.

About the moderator:

Professor Samuel Wong is the Director of the School of Public Health and Primary Care and Associate Dean (Education), Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is a Family Medicine Specialist and is a Fellow of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine in both Family Medicine and Community Medicine. His research interests include evaluation of primary care services and mental health interventions.

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