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Diploma Programmes and Short Courses in Biostatistics / Epidemiology

The Diploma in Epidemiology aims to develop students’ ability in addressing practical public health and clinical issues, planning and designing epidemiological studies, collecting, analyzing and interpreting data from such studies, and interpreting and applying findings from such studies in patient care, public health interventions and policy making.


The Diploma in Biostatistics aims to provide comprehensive training in developing appropriate statistical models for analyzing data and interpreting results properly. By introducing fundamental statistical theories, procedures and applications, this programme can build up students’ ability in designing, conducting, and analyzing clinical and non-clinical health and to interpret and use findings from such studies for patient care, public health interventions and policy making.


  • ​Diploma in Biostatistics

  • Diploma in Epidemiology

  • Short Courses in Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Diploma Programmes in Family Medicine

​The Diploma in Family Medicine (DFM) programme was launched by out University in 1985 to meet the challenge of developing quality primary care.  This programme has always been very popular among primary care physicians.  Our programme is essential for the evolution of family medicine, which should develop from a sound factual base, together with robust processes for seeking new scientific knowledge.

  • Diploma in Family Medicine

Professional Certificate Programme

Health System Leadership

The environment of health systems is complex and dynamic. It involves a system of different sectors with many stakeholders, requiring collaboration amongst professionals of diverse background in policy, practice and academia. Partnership with the private sector, non-governmental organisations and foundations, engagement of local network and global communities. Local systems are also interlinked with regional and global ones​


Leading effectively within this complex system requires a skill set beyond managing individual organisations. The Health System Leadership Programme brings the participants an international faculty to equip them to meet these challenges and to be in the forefront of health system leaders.

Global Public Health Summer Institute

Global Public Health Summer Institute (GPHSI) aims to construct a global teaching platform for people around the world to exchange ideas and update the latest issues on relevant topics in public health, so as to further enhance and broaden their knowledge base in public health related areas, contributing to the success of protecting, improving and providing health on a global perspective.

For those who wish to try out our courses without formally enrolling in a degree programme, GPHSI offers courses from late June to mid July. Students who later enroll in a Master of Public Health or Postgraduate Diploma programme can credit these courses to their degree.

Training Programmes

The School also offers training support services for Department of Health and academia and conducts training commissioned by Hospital Authority.

Short Course “Occupational Health Practice”

This is a foundation occupational safety and health (OSH) short course at an introductory to medium level. This training provides learners with basic occupational health principles, concepts and practical tips in order to enhance and improve their competencies in practicing OSH in their workplaces.


After going through the lectures, demonstrations and case analyses, learners will be able to:

  1. Acquire knowledge on OSH legislation and employee compensation;

  2. Identify, assess and manage occupational hazards in occupational settings;

  3. Identify, evaluate, prevent and manage common occupational illnesses and injuries;

  4. Plan and evaluate intervention and occupational rehabilitation programs.


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