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Prof. Samuel Wong Served as a Keynote Speaker in International Conference on Mindfulness

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Professor Samuel Wong, Associate Director (Undergraduate Education) and Head of Division of Family Medicine and Primary Health Care, was invited to deliver a keynote speech for the International Conference on Mindfulness (ICM) 2018 in Amsterdam on 13 July 2018.  The topic of his keynote speech was “From Cradle to Grave: Taking a Life-Course Approach to Mindfulness Interventions for Health”. Mindfulness-based interventions have been applied in populations of diverse age groups and various populations including pregnant women, pre-school children, school aged children, adolescents, young adults, adult populations (e.g. working men, menopausal women), older adults and people approaching death. Professor Wong presented the review and ongoing research on mindfulness interventions in improving health and well-being, as well as quality of life using the life course perspective.  He also shared current and further plans on the evaluation of mindfulness interventions such as MYmind for children and adolescents with both externalizing and internalizing problems at his speech.



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