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Public Consultation for Tobacco Control Strategies by the Health Bureau

In view of the global public health threat brought by tobacco products, the Health Bureau has launched a Public Consultation on Tobacco Control Strategies, as part of the Bureau’s plan to move towards a vibrant, healthy and tobacco-free Hong Kong. As a valued School of Public Health member, you are cordially invited to express your views on the tobacco control work for the next phase.

The Government has set the target of reducing smoking prevalence to 7.8% by 2025. To reach the long-term vision of creating a tobacco-free society and cope with the challenges created by tobacco use, the Government has devised possible measures based on four main strategies, taking into consideration the recommendations of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), and measures planned and implemented by various countries, then tailored to the local contexts and needs. The four strategies are:

1. Regulate Supply, Suppress Demand

2. Ban Promotion, Reduce Attractiveness

3. Expand No Smoking Areas (NSAs), Mitigate Harm

4. Enhance Education, Support Cessation

For more details on the matter, please refer to the enclosed consultation document or visit Your views and support are crucial to shaping the next phase of tobacco control work.

Please submit your views via the online views collection form or send the completed views collection form to on or before 30 September 2023. Please indicate if you do not want your views to be published or wish to remain anonymous. Unless otherwise specified, all responses will be treated as public information and may be publicised in the future.



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