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Professor Shelly Lap-ah TSE (謝立亞教授)

BMed (Fudan), PgD Dip. Occ. Hyg.(CUHK), PhD (CUHK), ICOH (member), FHKIOEH (fellow)


Associate Professor; 
Head , Division of Occupational and Environmental Health
JC School of Public Health and Primary Care

Director, Center for Occupational and Environmental Health Studies (COEHS)








Division of Occupational and Environmental Heath





Professor Shelly Tse has been tenured and promoted to be Associate Professor of the JC School of Public Health and Primary Care of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) since May 2013. Shelly received her Bachelor of Medicine from FuDan University (Shanghai Medical University) and obtained her PhD degree from CUHK in 2003. She received further training in NCI/NIH of USA. Now, she is serving as the Chairman of Advisory Committee/Environmental Hygiene (CUHK), Honorary Advisor (FM/GOPC KCC)/Hospital Authority, member of Prevention of Legionnaires’ Disease Committee/Hong Kong Government, editor of Hong Kong Medical Journal, and visiting professor of Nanjing Medical University/China.

Shelly is leading several research projects funded by the Research Grant Council, NCI/NIH of USA, Health Medical Research Fund and National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) regarding health impacts of nightshift work and bisphenol A (BPA) on breast cancer, prostate cancer, and metabolic syndromes. Shelly is the CUHK PI leader of tripartite collaboration with Utrecht University and University of Toronto on exposome and public health. She has close collaborations with the SYNERGY Project about lung cancer (led by IARC/WHO). She received Second Class Award of State Scientific and Technological Progress Award 2014 on silicosis, mechanisms and prevention.



Research Interest


  • Environmental and occupational exposures on cancer etiology

    • Environmental and occupational exposures on lung cancer 

      • Indoor air pollutants (e.g., environmental tobacco smoke, incense smoke, residential radon)

      • Cigarette smoking and cessation, occupational exposures (e.g., diesel motor exhaust, lung cancer risk in specific occupations – SYNERGY project)

    • Occupational and environmental exposures on breast and prostate cancer

      • Shift work, circadian disruption and breast cancer

      • Bisphenol A and other environmental exposures for prostate cancer

    • Environmental exposures and nasopharyngeal carcinoma (e.g., incense smoke)

  • Occupational dust, medical surveillance, and adverse health effects

    • Silica, silicosis, and multiple health outcomes (e.g., lung cancer, COPD)

    • Asbestos, asbestosis and mesothelioma

    • Medical surveillance for silicosis among workers exposed to silica dust exposure and cost-effectiveness

  • Environmental exposures, mechanisms and long-term health effects 

    • Nightshift work, circadian disruption and metabolic syndrome based on an ongoing prospective nightshift worker cohort in China

    • Health impacts of long-term exposure to ambient PM10 and PM2.5 (e.g., lung cancer, lung function, hypertension, CVD mortality)

  • Methodologies in occupational and environmental epidemiology

    • Novel methods about indirect adjustment of smoking for historical cohorts without smoking history

    • Interactions (synergistic, multiplicative) among environmental factors for cancer etiology

    • Development of occupational safety culture index at community and workplace levels


Selected Publications 


  1. Tse Lap Ah *, Lee Priscilla Ming Yi , Ho Wing Ming, Lam Augustine Tsan, Lee Man Kei, Ng Simon Siu Man, He Yonghua Leung Ka-sing, Hartle Jennifer C., Hu Howard, Kan Haidong, Wang Feng, Ng Chi Fai. Bisphenol A and Other Environmental Risk Factors for Prostate Cancer in Hong Kong. Environment International 2017;107 :1-7. [*Corresponding]

  2. Li Mengjie, Tse Lap Ah*†, Chan Wing-cheong, Kwok Chi-hei, Leung Siu-lan, Wu Cherry, Yu Wai-cho, Lee Priscilla Ming-yi, Tsang Koon-ho, Law Sze-hong, Vermeulen Roel, Gu Fangyi, Caporaso Neil E.,Yu Ignatius Tak-sun, Wang Feng, Yang Xiaohong Rose. Nighttime eating and breast cancer among Chinese women in Hong Kong. Breast Cancer Research (2017) 19:31 [*Corresponding and †co-first author][press conference plus 26 media new reports]

  3. Tse Lap Ah*, Dai J, Chen M, Liu Y, Zhang H, Wong TW, Leung CC, Kromhout H, Meijer E, Liu S, Wang F, Yu IT, Shen H, Chen W. Prediction models and risk assessment for silicosis using a retrospective cohort study among workers exposed to silica in China. Scientific Reports. 2015 Jun 19;5:11059. doi: 10.1038/srep11059. [*Corresponding]

  4. TSE Lap Ah, YU Tak Sun Ignatius, ROTHMAN Nathaniel, JI Bu-tian, QIU Hong, WANG Xiaorong, HU Wei, AU Joseph Siu-kie and LAN Qin. Joint Effects of Environmental Exposures and Familial Susceptibility to Lung Cancer in Chinese Never Smoking Men and Women. Journal of Thoracic Oncology. 2014;9 (8): 1066–1072.

  5. Tse Lap Ah, Ignatius Tak-sun Yu, Hong Qiu, Joseph Siu Kie Au, and Xiao-rong Wang. A Case-Control Study of Lung Cancer and Incense Smoke, Smoking and Residential Radon in Chinese Men. Environmental Health Perspectives 2011;119:1641-1646. 

  6. Tse Lap Ah, Ignatius Tak-sun YU, Hong QIU, Joseph Siu-kie AU, Xiao Rong WANG, Wilson TAM, and Kai Shing YU. Lung Cancer Decreased Sharply in First Five Years after Smoking Cessation in Chinese Men. Journal of Thoracic Oncology 2011;6:1670-6.

  7. TSE Lap Ah, YU Ignatius Tak-sun, AU, Joseph Siu Kie, Qiu Hong, WANG Xiao-rong. Silica Dust, Diesel Exhaust, and Painting Work are the Significant Occupational Risk Factors for Lung Cancer in Chinese Nonsmoking Men. British Journal of Cancer 2011;104:208–213. 

  8. Tse Lap Ah, Ignatius Tak-sun YU, Hong QIU, Joseph Siu-kie AU, Xiao Rong WANG, Wilson TAM, and Kai Shing YU. Lung Cancer Decreased Sharply in First Five Years after Smoking Cessation in Chinese Men. Journal of Thoracic Oncology 2011;6:1670-6.

  9. TSE Lap Ah; YU Tak Sun Ignatius; GOGGINS III William Bernard; CLEMENT Mark; WANG Xiaorong; AU Joseph Siu-kie and YU Kai Shing. Are current or future mesothelioma epidemics in Hong Kong the tragic legacy of uncontrolled use of asbestos in the past? Environmental Health Perspectives 2010;118(3):382-6.

  10. TSE Lap Ah; YU Tak Sun Ignatius; AU Joseph Siu-kie; YU Kai Shing; KWOK Kit Ping; QIU Hong and WONG Tze Wai. Environmental Tobacco Smoke and Lund Cancer among Chinese Nonsmoking Males: Might Adenocarcinoma be the Culprit? American Journal of Epidemiology 2009;169(5):533-41.

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