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Prof. Kailu WANG

BMed (PKU), PhD (CUHK)


Prof Kailu Wang obtained his Bachelor in Preventive Medicine at Peking University and PhD in Public Health at CUHK. His research covers a wide range of topics in health preference research and health and long-term care services for middle-aged and older persons, with aims to improve the health outcomes, well-being, and care experience among them. He has led a series of observational studies using cohort design and experimental studies using discrete choice analysis. He leads and participates in several Health and Medical Research Fund projects on primary care services, allied health services, and vaccinations. He also coordinated and participated in various consultancy studies for the government on primary care and elderly care policies and service provisions. 


  • Health preference research

    • Measurement of preferences and willingness-to-pay for various health services, outcomes, and health-related employment

  • Long-term care services and policies for older persons

  • Ambulatory care services for the adult population

    • Evaluation of outcomes

    • Design and implementation of the services and interventions, particularly those involving novel technologies and service models


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Last Updated: 19 April 2024

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